Better Hiring with Athena Assessment

Better Hiring

We help you choose the right people and avoid the wrong people, top to bottom. It’s what we do.

No More Guessing

Make better hiring and promoting decisions by adding the critical factor of judgment.

Big Value

Forget incremental gains.  Our clients achieve savings in the hundred of thousands and multiple million dollar ranges.

Top-Tier Workforce

You’re not planning a sorority mixer, you’re running a business, and nothing is more important than a top-tier workforce.

Not About IQ

Not About IQ

Some people score exceptionally well on an IQ test and are extremely book smart, yet have little common sense, wisdom, or savvy within the workplace. In order to be successful, you need more than intellect, you need well-developed judgment.

Not About Emotional Balance

Not About Emotional Balance

Our assessment was not designed to determine, nor does it measure, psychological dysfunction. We do however, provide critical information about the impact of four different categories of stress on judgment. Stress causes more lapses in judgment than does psychological dysfunction.

Not About Personality

Not About Personality

Personality profiles suggest that certain personality types result in certain kinds of competency (or lack thereof). In fact, people routinely overcome supposedly negative personality traits and perform excellent work. Personality does not predict performance, whereas judgment does.

Athena Assessment improves the pre-employment, screening and selection process at all levels.

Better hiring involves judgment.

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Better hiring involves judgment

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